I have been drifting for eternity. Drifting into nothingness full of stars, darkness, and space. I had been unaware of my appreciation for the silence, the loneliness, until only days ago. I wasn’t entirely sure what could have provoked them, but the end result was a huge gaping hole in my underbelly; exposed to the space the empty darkness. Now I treasure the thought of being left alone, unharmed. The worst part is, they think they are smarter, more capable than us. My inhabitants are unique, special while their inhabitants are simply simple minded.
So I have a gaping hole in my body, the pain is unbearable, ruthless at its worst, but I will heal, and they will be returned the favor. My body is a quick reactor; fast in the sense that humans could never understand. I have no need for medicine, surgery, electrical engineering; that shit is for the birds and I am better than that. My body is invincible, godlike in its capabilities. The poor little humans will not see what is coming. They are unaware, blind to the advanced technology in which I have. The day will come when their curiosity will kill them. It is only a matter of days until their wonder peaks and I will have the upper hand. They feel as if they have had victory through the production of this hole in me, but patience is key, and I will have my victory above them in the end.

Days passed. I could hear the humans prepping for their invasion as they called it, sadly I was prepping for my inner walls for their retaliation. I gazed at them through their pathetic spaceship completely aware of their soon to be failure, but nonetheless, they proceeded to prepare for their adventure; their adventure in which I saw coming, where their curiosity would most definitely be satisfied. My walls were ready.

The humans decided to proceed through their victory hole, into my inner core. I could sense their tension in the way they breathed. I knew it would take little to offset their adventure bound personalities. Surprisingly, I felt only ten feet. I had thought they would have sent more. I had thought they had been more intimidated by me, had felt the need for more preparation, but only five sad bodies were trembling inside of me, tickling the walls of my inner core, poking around as if they were feelingless.

Poking grew old, tickling became aggravation, retaliation became necessary. There was a female body in the midst of the group. I decided she would be my first victim; showing no pity for gender would sure scare them into thinking I was an evil, haunted being.

She stumbled toward a dip in my wall, ran her fingers across the skin of my core; I saw opportunity. I opened my walls, teeth barring, as the others watched closely behind her. They witnessed her immediate murder. Pain was minimal, as I had numbed her on contact, but the others didn’t know that. In an instant she had become a part of me. The others attempted to escape, using their communication to initiate their moves. I disabled their radios, and slowly moved the walls closer and closer together until they were enclosed, with nowhere else to go, no where else to run to. They were too a part of me. I will no longer be harmed.

— Rorschach

I chose this passage because towards the beginning of the novel I felt pity for the ship. I mostly felt pity for the ship because I had imagined it was a living thing like the Oankali’s ship. With that being said, the ship retaliated a bit more than an Oankali ship would have but I felt it was necessary for the ship to be in control and protect itself.

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