The novels we have read this semester share more similarities than not. For example, in “The House of the Scorpion,” we are presented with a beast. I find it ironic that in all the novels the most normal kind of “animal” is a clone and yet his surroundings deem him to be a beast. I feel as if the term best is more cruel than monster or the unidentified “they” in Lilith’s Brood when referring to the Oankali. Nevertheless, in most of our novels there has been a creature of some sort that is inserted into a society where their unnatural and unusual characteristics cast them out of the normalcy of society. With every creature comes its creator. In “Frankenstein,” “Lilith’s Brood,” and now “The House of the Scorpion” we are entangled in the messy relationship between the two opposing forces. We are able to see just how unreal and deformed their relationships are. I get a bit creeped out when I actually sit and think of some of the dialogue used between the creature and creator; how disconnected Frankenstein wished to be from his monster, to how creepily in-tune El Patron is with his younger self. Isolation becomes a major theme in most of these novels as well. Most of the time at least in “Lilith’s Brood” and “The House of the Scorpion,” a prison of some sort is forced on the one opposing party whether it be the “normal” society or the estranged alien society (whatever normal is). Matt is locked away and treated with animal-like surroundings whereas Lilith is not harmed but rather cured in her isolation. The monster in “Frankenstein” isolates himself all thanks to the horridness of his persona which in turn is his creator’s fault. Another interesting aspect is how the “normal” society resists the alien like intrusion but comes to terms with it eventually over time, once they show they are no harm to them. This does not prove true in “Frankenstein,” but it does in the other two novels. All three isolated creatures, depending on who’s view you are looking at, yearn for companionship which becomes a conflict of some sort in each novel. Lilith yearns any kind of companionship but would prefer a male; the monster demands a female for a companion to roam the mountains with; Matt yearns for Maria’s loyalty from her siblings.

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