Frankenstein & Monster alike

Throughout the novel, Victor Frankenstein completely disassociates himself with the wretched monster and claims his only connection to him is being his creator. He can by no means relate to the monster due to his devilish, inhumane ways. I found it interesting that as the novel progressed, similarities between the two characters became apparent. The monster is constantly saying he is alone in this world, no one can bare his existence, he cannot communicate and have relationships, hence why he needs a companion. Once the monster demands a female companion from the hands of his creator, the similarities between the two of them are astonishing to me. “I have endured incalculable fatigue, and cold, and hunger; do you dare destroy my hopes?(192). In comparison to Frankenstein, as he embarks on his torturous adventure in the ocean, he also endures fatigue, weather conditions and loneliness. Once he arrives to Ireland, he is greeted with disgust and judgment, views from which the monster has encountered from his creation. I found it interesting that the monster chose Clerval to murder in his first attempt at vengeance, rather than someone intimately related to Frankenstein. I think “an eye for an eye” theory can be used for an explanation; the monster saw his possible future companion destroyed, so therefore destroyed Frankenstein’s dearest companion.



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